Your own QR page

For one tiny little fee you can have a lot of fun.

We can provide you with a single web page with text or one image of your choice then send you a QR code which, when scanned with a smart phone, will display your page.

Why would you want this and how can it be fun? Or useful?

Imagine you print the QR code on a tee-shirt worn in public. Curious people may decide they cannot resist temptation to scan that code even without your knowledge. What might pop up on their phone? A slogan? Some text like "Glad you like my shirt". Maybe a favorite MEME or a political slogan.

Perhaps support for your favorite social cause.

Your favorite sports team.

If you have a business it could load a single promo page for your products or services which could include a link or you phone number.

What someone might see is only limited by your imagination.

We will post anything you want* and you can change it at any time for a small fee with one change included per year at no extra cost.

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How can you use your code?
  • On a tee-shirt, or other garment
  • On a coffee mug
  • On social media
  • On a business card
  • On another web site
  • On a sign
  • On a greeting card
  • Use your imagination!
* We have a few restrictions. Nothing offering or advocating anything illegal. Nothing promoting hate or violence.

Pay with PayPal then send your transaction ID via our web form with the content you wish to display. We will reply with your unique QR Code. Please allow 24 hours weekdays.